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Reaction Filtration Washing Drying Four-in-one Equipment
Reaction filtration washing drying four-in-one Equipment Introduction As we all know, reaction, filtration, washing and drying is the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries are three very important unit operation, generally have a reactor, fi
Filtering Washing Two in One Equipment
Filtering Washing Two In One Equipment Introduction Filtering Washing Two In One Equipment in the filter, washing, drying triple equipment based on the simplified products, mainly to solve the flammable, explosive, labor-intensive, the loss of each proces
Filtering Washing and Drying Three in One Equipment
Filtering Washing And Drying Three In One Equipment Introduction The filtering, washing and drying three in one equipment can simultaneously replace the filtering and drying equipment (such as: suction filter, pressure filter, double cone dryer, drying ov
Rotary Drum Flaker
Rotary drum flaker Introduction The Rotary drum flaker developed by our institute are the most advanced in the world and have reached the international level. Drum flaker drying is a continuous operation process to heat and dry materials or strip shaped m
Cooling Drum Flaker
Cooling drum flaker Introduction Cooling drum flaker is a cooling crystallization process. The melt in tray will contact with cooled drum and form a layer of membrane on drum surface. The membrane cools down and crystallizes by heat exchanging between mem
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