Digital Electronic Powder Halogen Heating Moisture Tester

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Company Profile

WANT Balance Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Contact:Mr. Jay Tang(Mr.)






Product details
1mg 0.001g Digital Analytical Moisture Analyzer
User friendly design
Big dot Matrix LCD
double protection for load cell 

DSh-50-1 DSh-50-5 DSh-50-10 DSh-110-1 DSh-110-5 DSh-110-10
Capacity  50g 110g
Accuracy 1mg 5mg 10mg 1mg 5mg 10mg
Pan Size 90
Heating Time (M.) 1 - 99 minutes (stepping is 10 seconds.)
Heating Standard
Working Temperature (ºC) 10 ºC - 30 ºC
Interface RS232C
Time Control Setting time by artificially or automatically
Heating Temperature (ºC) 50 ºC - 180 ºC (stepping is 1ºC)
Display Solid %, Moisture %, Weight, Time, Temperature
Heating Way Halogen
Picture Model Parameter Pan Size Standard Optional
  FA1004B 100g/0.1mg Ф 80 Wind Shield(5pcs Glass) Print(90USD)
FA2004B 200g/0.1mg RS232  
FA1004C 100g/0.1mg Ф 90 Auto Calibration  
FA2004C 200g/0.1mg Calibration weight  
  WT603N 60g/0.001g Ф 80 Wind Shield(plastic) Remote Display(4USD)
WT1003N 100g/0.001g RS232 Print(90USD)
WT2003N 200g/0.001g dry battery box  
WT3003N 300g/0.001g calibration weight  
  WT603G 60g/0.001g Ф 80 Wind Shield(plastic) Remote Display(4USD)
WT1003G 100g/0.001g RS232 Print(90USD)
WT2003G 200g/0.001g dry battery box  
WT3003G 300g/0.001g calibration weight  
  WT603GH 60g/0.001g Ф 80 Wind Shield(4pcs Glass) Remote Display(4USD)
WT1003GH 100g/0.001g IR sensor for TARE & CAL Print(90USD)
WT2003GH 200g/0.001g calibration weight  
WT3003GH 300g/0.001g dry battery box  
  WT603CH 60g/0.001g Ф 80 Wind Shield(4pcs Glass) Remote Display(4USD)
WT1003CH 100g/0.001g RS232 Print(90USD)
WT2003CH 200g/0.001g calibration weight  
WT3003CH 300g/0.001g    
  JA5003B 500g/1mg Ф 90 Wind Shield(5pcs Glass) Print(90USD)
JA6003B 600g/1mg RS232  
JA10003B 1000g/1mg calibration weight  
  WT1002G 100g/0.01g Ф 130 RS232  
WT2002G 200g/0.01g IR sensor for TARE & CAL Remote Display(4USD)
WT3002G 300g/0.01g calibration weight Print(90USD)
WT5002G 500g/0.01g dry battery box Rechargeable battery(4USD)
WT6002G 600g/0.01g   Wind Shield(4USD)
WT10002G 1000g/0.01g   Under Hook(1USD)
WT20002G 2000g/0.01g Ф 160    
WT30002G 3000g/0.01g    
  WT1002N 100g/0.01g Ф 130 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT2002N 200g/0.01g dry battery box Print(90USD)
WT3002N 300g/0.01g calibration weight Rechargeable battery(4USD)
WT5002N 500g/0.01g   Wind Shield(4USD)
WT6002N 600g/0.01g    
WT10002N 1000g/0.01g    
WT20002N 2000g/0.01g    
WT30002NF 3000g/0.01g φ160    
  WT1002K 100g/0.01g Ф 130 NO RS232 RS232 interface(1USD)
WT2002K 200g/0.01g calibration weight Rechargeable battery(4USD)
WT3002K 300g/0.01g   Wind Shield(4USD)
WT5002K 500g/0.01g    
W6002K 600g/0.01g    
WT10002K 1000g/0.01g    
WT20002K 2000g/0.01g    
  WT10002CF 1000g/0.01g Ф 160 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT20002CF 2000g/0.01g   Print(90USD)
WT30002CF 3000g/0.01g   Rechargeable battery(4USD)
  WT1002T 100g/0.01g Ф 130 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT2002T 200g/0.01g dry battery box Print(90USD)
WT3002T 300g/0.01g calibration weight Rechargeable battery(4USD)
WT5002T 500g/0.01g Textile unit Fabric Cutter(25USD)
WT6002T 600g/0.01g    
  WT1002A 100g/0.01g Ф 130 RS232 Print(90USD)
WT2002A 200g/0.01g calibration weight Rechargeable battery(4USD)
WT3002A 300g/0.01g Wind Shield(plastic)  
WT5002A 500g/0.01g Double Display  
WT6002A 600g/0.01g    
  WT30001NF 3000g/0.1g Ф 160 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT50001NF 5000g/0.1g   Print(90USD)
WT60001NF 6000g/0.1g   Rechargeable battery(4USD)
  WT50001CF 5000g/0.1g Ф 160 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT60001CF 6000g/0.1g   Print(90USD)
WT80001CF 8000g/0.1g   Rechargeable battery(4USD)
  WT60001GF 6000g/0.1g 200*200 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT100001GF 10kg/0.1g IR sensor for TARE & CAL Print(90USD)
WT150001GF 15kg/0.1g dry battery box Rechargeable battery(4USD)
  WT30001KF 3000g/0.1g 165*165 NO RS232 RS232 interface(1USD)
WT50001KF 5000g/0.1g   Rechargeable battery(4USD)
W60001KF 6000g/0.1g    
WT80001KF 8000g/0.1g    
WT100001KF 10kg/0.1g    
  WT60001X 6kg/0.1g 255*190 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT80001X 8kg/0.1g   Print(90USD)
WT100001X 10kg/0.1g   Rechargeable battery(6USD)
WT150001X 15kg/0.1g   Double Display(5USD)
WT200001X 20kg/0.1g    
WT300001X 30kg/0.1g    
  WT60001B 6000g/0.1g 310*220 RS232 Rechargeable battery(4USD)
WT100001B 10kg/0.1g    
WT150001B 15kg/0.1g    
WT200001B 20kg/0.1g    
WT300001B 30kg/0.1g    
  WT30001SF 3000g/0.1g 165*165 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT50001SF 5000g/0.1g Density Automatically Print(90USD)
WT60001SF 6000g/0.1g Hydrostatical kit Rechargeable battery(4USD)
  WT6000GF 6kg/1g 200*200 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT10000GF 10kg/1g IR sensor for TARE & CAL Print(90USD)
WT15000GF 15kg/1g dry battery box Rechargeable battery(4USD)
  WT10000X 10kg/1g 255*190 RS232 Remote Display(4USD)
WT15000X 15kg/1g   Print(90USD)
WT20000X 20kg/1g   Rechargeable battery(6USD)
WT25000X 25kg/1g   Double Display(5USD)
WT30000X 30kg/1g    
  WT10000B 10kg/1g 310*220 RS232 Rechargeable battery(4USD)
WT15000B 15kg/1g    
WT20000B 20kg/1g    
WT25000B 25kg/1g    
WT30000B 30kg/1g    
  WT603L 60kg/1g 500*400 RS232  
WT1003L 100kg/1g   Print(90USD)
WT1503L 150kg/1g   Rechargeable battery(6USD)
WT2003L 200kg/1g    
WT1002L 100kg/10g    
WT2002L 200kg/10g    
WT3002L 300kg/10g    
Moisture Analyzer
  DSH-50-1 50g/1mg Ф 90 RS232  
DSH-50-5 50g/5mg Calibration weight  
DSH-50-10 50g/10mg moisture kit  
Picture Type Parameter Remark
DV-1 1~2×106mpa.s   
NDJ-8S 1~2×106mpa.s   
NDJ-5S 1~2×105mpa.s   
pH Meter
Picture Type Parameter Temperature
pH Vm
  PH-25 (0.00~14.00)pH (0~1599)mV  
PH-3C (0.00~16.00)pH (0~±1999)mV  
PH-3CB (-2.00~19.99)pH (0~±1999)mV (0.0~80.0)ºC
PH-3CU (-2.00~19.99)pH (0~±1999)mV (0.0~80.0)ºC